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Insanity Multimedia

About Insanity Multimedia

Insanity Multimedia is one of Adelaide's newest multimedia studios and we're growing our client listing all the time!

What can we offer you?

Insanity Multimedia offers a range of services that cover the full spectrum of the multimedia rainbow. Want a website? We can help. Need some photos taken to promote your products? We've got you covered. Like some business cards with a new logo? You guessed it. We can do it all, so you'd be crazy to go to a different company for each service!



So tell me about yourself...

So who exactly is Insanity Multimedia? Well, inmate NH72-1 is Nick - he's the artist, the office staff, the creative team and the managing director. Sounds like Multiple Personality Disorder, doesn't it? Now you might be getting an idea where the name Insanity Multimedia came from...

Ermm... The boss

Nick has worked in the IT industry for over a decade now, first as an IT Support Officer/IT Project Manager/Application Administrator but after 6 and a half years decided that it was time for a change. This change took the form of returning to Adelaide TAFE to study for a second IT Diploma, this time in Website Development. Having looked after a couple of websites previously for his sporting associations in the old "Notepad is a great HTML editor" days he chose to make his hobby his job and Insanity Multimedia is the result!

Starting with website design Nick has increased his skill set to include graphic design for brochures, logos and business cards, audio and video recording for podcasts and vodcasts - he even had his own podcast football show at one time! Nick now also has a range of photographic services to offer as well, from promotional to weddings and all stops in between as well as digital photo restoration. Nick is a real PowerPoint wiz so If you need a presentation created we are the people to see (there's that multiple personality thing again)...




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What can we offer you?

Tell me about yourself...

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